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Characters & Spaces: My life in writing: Page 11

Running in the rain

I dislike the rain because it results in wet and muddy roads, and I especially hate it if my tasks involve going out the front door when it’s pouring.

But our Sunday long run under a downpour was exhilarating and, I have to admit, a little hardcore. 🙂

The weather was fine when Max and I started running at close to 5 a.m. Some 15 minutes later, there was a drizzle so slight it was barely noticeable. We went on our way and, three kilometers into our run, stopped for some stretching exercises.
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Trick or treating at SM City Cebu

It wasn’t what my kid Lennon, 6, imagined it to be.
Somehow, he couldn’t associate the trick or treating that he expected with the reality that he was experiencing.

It finally became too much walking from one shop to another and falling in long lines with other kids for 1 piece of candy, leaving stores empty-handed because all the treats are gone, or mind-boggling still is being told to return at a particular time in others. At home, he could have his fill of sweets but doesn’t even want them.

At the far end of an outrageously long line of kids waiting to receive treats, he asked me whose idea it was that he go trick or treating.
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First Cebu Press Freedom run

This year’s Cebu Press Freedom Week celebration in September had several firsts, but I only wanted to write about one in particular: the Cebu Press Freedom Run held on September 26, 2009.

Cebu Press Freedom run
Cebu Press Freedom Run 5k men, women category winners

It was an anticipated event by runners in media (the serious ones you can count with the fingers of one hand) and I had wanted to write about the run and how I fared earlier on, but my son got sick, is still sick by the way, and so like the good mother that I am, I dropped everything to see to him first.

Surprisingly, a lot of media workers (more than a hundred I was told) showed up for the run, which had the street fronting the Cebu City Sports Club in the Cebu Business Park as starting and finishing line.
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