Top 10 finish in 5k run

It doesn’t matter that they gave out awards only to the top 5 finishers or that perennial race winners were not allowed to join, I’m still happy I made it to 10th place in the 5k women’s category of the 1st Cebu Diamond Lions Club fun run held earlier today.

Sunday’s run was my fifth 5K since I gave in last May to my husband’s urging to start joining running events. My memorable first 5K happened during the 33rd National Milo Marathon Cebu City elimination run in June. It took me 45 minutes to finish my first five kilometers, and I had to slow down to a walk a few times.

I’m down to 30 minutes or so in my last two runs including the one today, and I ran all throughout in both.

Fun run
Me and Twinkle Ignacio, who showed up at Sunday’s Cebu Diamond Lions Club fun run as a feline.

Sunday’s Cebu Diamond Lions Club fun run started and ended at Sumilon Road in Cebu Business Park and had 10k, 5k, and 3k categories.

From Sumilon Road, runners went on to Cardinal Rosales Avenue, made a left turn upon reaching Juan Luna Avenue, and continued on to Salinas Drive until the vicinity of Golden Cowrie Restaurant where the turning point for the 5K was located. We then retraced our steps back to Sumilon Road in Cebu Business Park for the finish.

The route was not all flat; there were parts that were inclined, and I had to use all my self-control not to slow down to a walk. I just had to keep reminding myself that it will take me more effort to walk than run those stretches.

Fun run
Max achieves his goal to finish the 10k in less than an hour, at the Cebu Diamond Lions Club fun run.

Although I’ve earlier decided not to stop for a drink when running the 5K because it’s just a short run anyway, I was tempted to get some Sunday at the only water station for my distance category. Stopping was a mistake because there was only one person manning the water station and there were already five people ahead me. I had to go on without my water but the waiting had cost me time.

I’m glad though that I did not experience the runner’s stitch that I’ve recently experienced while doing some rounds at the Cebu City Sports Center oval track. The pain’s manageable but it’s a bummer. Regulating my breathing dulls the pain a little but does not remove it totally.

What rankled during my Lions Club run was when a female runner overtook me about less than a kilometer from the finish line, and I wasn’t able to catch up no matter how hard I tried.


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    carlo August 30, 2009 at 5:25 pm .

    congratulations on your finish!

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