Not so perfect running form

Running specialty store RUNNR opened a second branch last Saturday at Ayala Center in Cebu, and I was one of the many enthusiasts of the sport who checked the establishment out and tried its foot-type and gait analysis system called Footworx.

RUNNR offers to customers for free its foot-type and gait analysis system called Footworx.

Through the footdisc analysis system component of Footworx, I learned that my feet have high arches, the least common of the three foot types and the most prone to injuries according to Most runners with high arches are underpronators or supinators; their feet fail to roll inward enough to cushion the impact of their footstrike resulting in more shock going up the legs.

In my case, though, I do the exact opposite. I have high arches, but I overpronate — my feet roll too far inward than normal — when I run. To determine my gait type, I had to undergo high-speed video gait analysis, the second component of Footworx, where I was made to run fast for a few minutes on a treadmill as a camera captured the whole thing. Trained RUNNR staff reviewed the results and measured the angle of my leg against my foot as it hit the treadmill during the run.
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Sun.Star running club’s first long run

We had our first group run earlier today, and it was a lot of fun.  So forgive us for going a little crazy. 🙂

(Photo by Sun.Star Cebu photographer Allan Defensor.)