Rejoicing at closing of school year

Today is the last day of the last periodical exams for the school year. The full implications of that haven’t totally hit me yet, though I already feel like jumping and dancing for joy.

If your kids study in a science school with a grade cut-off of 85, you would totally get why I’m rejoining. I tutor my kids, help them with their assignments and projects, and I follow up every little tidbit of class update for both my boys.

As the one actively involved in the running of my children’s education, I also get the corresponding headaches and high blood pressure that are the consequences of being too familiar with teacher idiosyncrasies or unreasonable school policies.

Don’t even get me started on the errors in the textbooks. But no, no, no…I’m stopping myself with the ranting right here.

Today is the unofficial end of the school year so I’m writing only glad tidings, such as the summer break that’s fast approaching. I’m so happy I could run from work to home and back, chest pains from chostochondritis and all. Haha!
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Trick or treating at SM City Cebu

It wasn’t what my kid Lennon, 6, imagined it to be.
Somehow, he couldn’t associate the trick or treating that he expected with the reality that he was experiencing.

It finally became too much walking from one shop to another and falling in long lines with other kids for 1 piece of candy, leaving stores empty-handed because all the treats are gone, or mind-boggling still is being told to return at a particular time in others. At home, he could have his fill of sweets but doesn’t even want them.

At the far end of an outrageously long line of kids waiting to receive treats, he asked me whose idea it was that he go trick or treating.
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